Beth Greenwood-Fox

Candidate and Compliance Consultant

Hiya! Nine years ago, I ventured to Newcastle to pursue a drama degree, a decision that led me through diverse career paths from hospitality to IT recruitment and now into Education recruitment. At Leader Education, my delightful cockapoo, Lola, assumes the role of the beloved office dog, thriving on constant affection, playful antics like stealing shreddies, and spirited games of fetch. 

Residing in Newcastle brings me immense joy; the city's vibrant social scene and diverse culinary offerings perfectly complement my identity as a devoted foodie. The transition from drama to recruitment, coupled with the inclusive and welcoming atmosphere at Leader Education, has turned my professional journey into an enriching and enjoyable experience. Newcastle has truly become my home, offering a space where I flourish in my career and relish the abundant social and culinary delights the city graciously provides.